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Saturday, May 7, 2016

07-05-2016 Bong & His 2016 KL Trip Part 5 (From Chinatown to Bukit Bintang)

After the tiring trip
with Pulau Ketam,
we spent our evening at Chinatown Kuala Lumpur.
Actually it is called 'Petaling Street'!
(Jalan means Street)
Even though it is called Chinatown,
there is not that many chinese salespersons there~
They sell all sort of things
from clothes to wallets,
foods to drinks...
I brought the two norwegians to this famous
Kim Lian Kee restaurant
to taste its very popular specialty
fried Hokkien style noddles
They used charcoal
instead of regular gas...
That's why the fried noddles better than other regular one~
What do you think of the price then?
A bit more expensive than other places in Malaysia
since it is in Kuala Lumpur~
We spent quite some time
shopping there~
Bought ourselves shoes, clothes..etc etc~
After the shopping and dinner,
we went to Reggae Bar to have a few drinks before we headed back to hotel...
The next day,
I was supposed to meet some friends at Bukit Bintang area~
I brought them to look at Low Yat Plaze first,
our "IT mall" in Kuala Lumpur~
Here you can find all IT stuffs you want,
from phones to cameras to PCs, laptops...
Then we went into
one of my favorites shopping malls in KL
-Sungai Wang-
It was like 10 in the morning
and most of the shops were not opened yet~
We decided to find some cafe where we could sit
and I recommended 
-Secret Recipe-
How could I miss
Secret Recipe cake
while I was in Malaysia!!
2 cups of long black coffee
and 1 piece of cake
less than 60 kroner~ lol!
After the small break,
we continued the journey
to Fahrenheit88~
Heading to Level 4,
we saw someone was already waiting there~
We had 4 hours karaoke time
and it was only MYR 15 per head with food!
Of course,
I could not miss karaoke when 
I was in Malaysia as well!
Arne and Andreas just ate the food
and did not sing~
Karaoke is not really not their kind of things~
After the KTV session,
we walked to KLCC,
using this new walkway which connects
Bukit Bintang and KLCC.....
Passed by Pavilion...
and took a picture at this fountain landmark~
This is
how the walkway looks like~
Quite easy
since there are signboards~
But the walkway
actually feels kinda like sauna
since it is very warm in there~
Then walked to the
pedestrian tunnel~
Spacious with aircon~
In less than 15 minutes,
we reached KLCC from Bukit Bintang!
To be continued...


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