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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

11-05-2016 Bong & His 2016 KL Trip Part 6 (KLCC)

It took us less than 15 minutes
to walk from Bukit Bintang to
I had a quick dinner,
met up my UTP friends
who are working in KLCC....
Thanks to Jia Haur's help,
we got discounted tickets
for the PETRONAS Twin Tower tour~
It is actually at tower two,
just go down from this escalator
then you will reach the meeting point.
Cool briefing,
high speed elevator...
Just in a short moment,
we already reached the level
to the sky bridge~
Of course Arne and Andreas were
fascinated with how high it was,
and not to forget,
the nice city view of Kuala Lumpur!
The sky bridge itself actually has two levels....
the one above is open to the staffs~
After 20 minutes,
we were then brought up to
observation desk
which is on the 86th floor....
Standing at nearly the top of this amazing building,
we enjoyed the nice view
and the closer look of the other top~
And of course,
7.30pm in KL city,
the traffic was surely bad....
We purposely chose 7.00pm slot
because that was the best time
to see both day and night
of the city from the tower,
and of course...
After about 1 hour,
we saw all we needed to see~
We went out from the twin tower,
and had a final look of it from the outside
before we said goodbye
to this iconic building in Malaysia!

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