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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

04-05-2016 Bong & His 2016 KL Trip Part 4 (Pulau Ketam)

Many years ago,
I visited Pulau Ketam (Crab Island)
and liked it there very much~
So, this year I thought of visiting it again...
We took KTM from Kuala Lumpur station
to Pelabuhan Klang (the last station for that line)
and the whole journey took us more than 1 hour~
We went into this port
and bought the ferry ticket there.
The important tips is...
don't buy return ticket.
It is not any cheaper if you buy 2 ways anyway~
then you will not be stuck with the same ferry service....
Thank god 
it wasn't this kind of boat that we were going to take...
So it was this kind..
with aircon and an old TV...
The ferry ride took us about
30-40 minutes...
and we reached at this very old port at Pulau Ketam~
We went straight into its 'town' area
which is more 'inside' in this small island
I ordered Kickapoo
(Don't think I have seen this drink in other countries)
and of course,
the two Norwegians ordered beers
to cool down in this hot weather...
Before that,
the small pond in front of this chinese temple was clean and nice...
but now the water is as green as!
It is prohibited
to use vehicles with motors
on this island...
The island has built up more
cement roads and
these has taken away
 the island's charming wood plank feel~
Another thing
that irritated me was the amount of garbage...
Even though the sign says don't throw garbage!
but there were more rubbish than before!
The whole island is actually build on water. 
It still has some old shops
that you can't find them anymore in modern cities nowadays...
And for lunch,
we stopped at this restaurant to eat some seafood..
three dishes, three big bottles of beers
MYR 100 (200 Kroner)...
that's pretty okay~
The island is no longer that nice
and I believe people nowadays may be just come here to relax
from the hustle and bustle of the city
and eat some nice seafood...
Even the bicycle rental service
was also not going so well now~
if you have car to drive to Pelabuhan Klang
then take the ferry,
I believe it is still quite okay to visit the island...
But for tourists like us,
taking KTM train 
using almost 4 hours
for the 2 ways journeys
It was not worth it...
done is done...
we enjoyed our very best 
and that was the most important part...


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