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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

02-08-2016 Bong & From Norway to Finland and then Sweden

After 15 days of stay
in Malangen,
we were ready
to start our journey
driving from north to south
using another road...
This time,
we drove through
Finland then Sweden!
It was kinda interesting
to see how 'casual'
the border between Finland and Norway~
We passed by it
after around 1++ hour of
driving from Malangen.
Then the rest of the roads from Finland to Sweden
looked just like this
with some trees
and lakes next to the roads.
A bit boring,
but it was nice to drive with
much faster speed for Arne...
Finnish word
is really some kind of language
that is hard to pronounced~
In less than 2 hours time,
we finished driving through Finland,
and crossed the boarder to Sweden.
the road was not much different,
still straight and 110km/h.
Along the way,
it was a lot of forest~
So we saw quite a number of 'lonely' reindeer.
We drove,
and drove...
then stopped at Gällivare
for a longer break.
We stopped somewhere
in the city central,
then saw this Chinese restaurant
with the tempting buffet offer.
Since we were tired
and hungry,
we thought...why not give it a try?
The buffet was rather good,
6-7 dishes with a drink,
given that it only cost 100 Swedish kroner.
Of course,
some of them I wouldn't call them
but I didn't ask for that much when
we only paid for 100 kroner.
We continued our journey after 
the lunch and some small shopping~
Arne drove with full speed,
looking forward to reaching our first overnight place at Sweden.
But suddenly,
someone driving the opposite direction
blinked to us...
We were not even over the speed.
what was that driver intending to tell us?
In a short while,
the answer appeared right in front of us!
To be continued...


  1. I should come visit you!!!
    pictures dont do justice to the real thing!!

    1. ha ha ha, just come :) here has a single bed :)


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