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Friday, August 5, 2016

05-08-2016 Bong & Slagnäs

After passing by the big group of reindeers,
we drove for less than 1 hour,
and then arrived at the destination
We rented a small cabin...
that named 'Ripan'
The cabin is not too small,
but just big enough...
cozy and complete with
cooking facilities~
But there are also
shared facilities
like bathroom,
kitchen and eating place~ 
The weather was so nice
when we arrived.
So we just put our stuffs in the cabin,
and took a walk to the river 
right next to the camping place~
They had built these wooden footbridge
that visitors can use~
But use at your own risk....hehe!
The river is damn big
like a flat big water fall~
And there they have this
fish house to catch fish as well~
Honestly I found it interesting
like how they could catch fish by using this house...
May be some kind of trap or net underneath the house~
We had a nice stay at Slagnäs Camping...
Slept early
and woke up early as well~
With nice weather
and midnight sun,
we felt the excitement to continue the journey
and see what was ahead waiting for us...


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