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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

09-08-2016 Bong & From Slagnäs to Mora

We slept early that night at Slagnäs
and then woke up naturally around 4am~
So we just decided to leave Slagnäs early~
The weather was so good,
bright and sunny....
and look at the reflection on the lake!
The water was as quiet and still
as a mirror!
After about 7 hours of driving
from Slagnäs,
we finally reached Mora!
We arived at this Kristinebergs Vandrarhem Mora...
and the checking time was supposed to be after 4pm.
Since we departed much earlier,
so we arrived at the hostel way earlier than the check-in time.
But luckily they already sent to me the access code
to go in...
and there was someone working in the office already
even though the reception was not officially 'open' yet~
The room was okay,
Not so very big,
but good bed and good service 
from the staff for allowing us to check in early~
Just like other hostel kind of accommodation,
they also have eating hall
and kitchen these kind of shared facilities~
But their kitchen are REALLY big
with at least 4 stoves, 
6 fridges~
We slept for a couple of hours,
then went out for some city sight-seeing~
It wasn't far
to walk from the hostel to the city central~
And along the way,
I saw another Thai restaurant...
and they also serve lunch buffet (very common thing in Sweden I believe)
This kind of Thai Take Away...
I have seen many of them
along the way we had driven
from north Sweden to Mora~
Thai food is really popular in Sweden I must say :)
The famous bell tower
at Mora~
Not too far from the bell tower
is this beautiful church~
Then the main shopping street
at Mora~
We tried to find a good place
for a good dinner~
And we decided to go for this one...
They have this 3 dishes for 99 kroner thing,
which seemed tempting to us~
Here came our food~
not very big portion...
but just enough~
The rice was kinda little,
but it was free to ask for extra rice~
After the dinner,
we finished the walk at the walking street...
and walked towards
the lake side to see more of Mora~
We saw this amazing building
that looks very much like
a castle~
But we did not know what it is~

To be continued...

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