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Thursday, July 28, 2016

28-07-2016 Bong & Hill-hiking in the North

This year summer at Malangen,
unlike last year
which we had 4 weeks there,
we had only less than 2 weeks this time.
I considered we were kinda lucky
with the weather already,
since it was like 50% sunny.
So in one of the sunny evenings,
Arne and I had
a hiking tour
up to a hill,
right behind Arne's former farm....
Ever since Arne sold his farm,
there is no one using the old pathway...
So now it has grown bushes,
and a lot of bushes,
until it was a bit difficult for us to walk.
After 30 minutes passing through bushes,
we finally reached a part of road
that is still maintained like before...
Not too far from there,
we walked a little bit more
then we reached the top...
kinda! Lol
The view was just breathtaking
and we were very lucky with
the weather.
We found a better spot
to rest
and a short while after that,
We saw fog coming from
the other side,
slowly covering the sea
and the whole Mortenhals ~
So we just said goodbye
both to the beautiful views
and the nice weather~

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