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Monday, August 15, 2016

15-08-2016 Bong & From Mora to Charlottenberg

The weather was just great when
we were walking there~
The big lake where we saw at Mora...
'Siljan lake'
is actually a famous tourist place~
By looking at the beautiful fountain,
from a specific angle,
we saw the rainbow~
that reminded me of what life is all about.
Rainbow is always there in our lives...
We just need to find a way to see things better~
Mora is also very famous
of its Dala horse~
The city has very long history
with Dala horse.
We walked
and walked...
and suddenly just popped out at this
'boat shop'~
The boat shop
sells ice-cream
and that's why the shop is named 'Glassbåten'~
(P.S: Glass in Swedish means ice-cream and not literally glass)
We bought 'glass'
and went up to the top floor terrace to enjoy 
the good weather and yummy ice-cream~
It was so funny
to see a speed boat
coming from another side of the lake
and parking right beside the boat shop to buy ice-cream~
After eating the ice-cream,
we went back to hostel and went to bed very early~
We woke up very early the next day
and reached Charlottenberg almost one hour before it opened. 
We shopped for alcohols
and some food stuffs~
since a lot of them
are always cheaper in Sweden than in Norway...
And of course,
we filled up our stomach as well
before we drove back to Oslo, Norway~
We had our lunch buffet at Thon Hotel Charlottenberg,
and the food was just okay~
But for 99 kroner and eat all you want...
I wouldn't complain so very much~
one important thing to know is
the price was not 99 kroner,
but 149 kroner in the weekend~
After eating until we were really full,
and the car was full with things we had with us from north Norway
and bought at Charlottenberg...
we headed home
even though the holiday was officially ended~

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