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Friday, December 16, 2016

16-12-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 12

For dinner that night,
we simply chose a street restaurant
that sells noodles~
We ordered one Wan Tan Noodle
and one fishball noodle
And after dinner,
we walked again to the harbor....
to see the night view
and of course the ICC light show...
Too bad
we weren't at the perfect spot!
But it was still quite cool to see....
On the way back,
we passed by the Garden of Stars...
(The Avenue of Stars was closed at that time)
Besides Hong Kong artists
that are familiar to me,
there were also Hollywood
chinese super stars at the Garden of Stars. 
The next day morning,
we took subway to Prince Edward station
for our next Michelin food tasting~
From Prince Edward MTR station,
it took about 10 minutes
to walk to this Michelin Dim Sum restaurant.
The dim sum only being steamed
once they got the order...
We ordered the famous 
fried Char Siu Pao
and some other dim sum dishes...
and total costed
around 120 Hong Kong dollar~
The restaurant has so many customers
that they need to place chairs
for those that need to sit and wait~
After a very heavy brunch,
we started the long journey
walking back to Tsim Sha Tsui from Prince Edward~
Passing by lots of interesting shops,
interesting streets...
and with paying only 20 Hong Kong dollar per piece,
I bought a new singlet
and some other clothes too!
To be continued....


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