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Sunday, December 4, 2016

04-12-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 8

The cruise costed us 600 Hong Kong dollar
per person...
and the drinks on the boat was free flow!
Arne started right away with red wine
while I only took juice since it was before dinner~
The cruise was a sunset cruise,
a perfect combination to see
the sunset views of Hong Kong Harbour
and at the same time,
bring us to a seafood village, Lei Yue Mun (鲤鱼门) to have 
a great seafood dinner~
Also tried a new beer,
Blue Ice on the boat....
After 40-45 minutes,
we arrived at the seafood village...
and surprisingly,
it was only we two and a private tour guide
that dropped off from the boat!
Walking into the restaurant,
it was damn big...
but that day they didn't have many customers
due to the forecasted bad weather...
(Luckily the actual weather was so much better than the forecasted)
The typhoon moved to Taiwan instead of Hong Kong~ 
So first,
we were served Neptune Bean Curd Seafood Soup
Then fried rice
served with other dishes....
Chinese Fried Shrimps with Salted Eggs
Sweet and Sour Pork
Fresh Vegetable
Steamed Scallop with Garlic and Cellophane noodles
and Deep-Fried Fish with Sweet Vinegar Sauce
After the delicious dinner,
we were escorted to the local seafood market... 
The interesting fact is...
99% of the seafood there
are imported~
even the place is called a seafood village,
it is not so many local seafood there~
The trip at Lei Yue Mun
ended with a special visit
to this GIANT fish....
Then the boat came to pick us
and we started the return journey...
with more glittering harbour views at night~
and of course,
more pictures
and more drinks on the boat!
The whole cruise took us about 3++ hours
and we were back to Kowloon again around 9.30pm~

To be continued...

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