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Friday, December 2, 2016

02-12-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 7

After passing by Hong Kong Space Museum,
Hong Kong Cultural Center...
we reached the famous Victoria Harbour~
There are a lot of 
photo taking service booth at Victoria Harbour~
You can get someone 'professional'
to take pictures of yours there
and get them printed right away~
We walked along the harbour
then reached the Kowloon Clock Tower...
If you are rich,
you may also try to the helicopter ride in Hong Kong~
I saw that
they have this helicopter ride from Macau to Hong Kong...
not sure about the price though~
From Kowloon,
you may take Star Ferry's harbour tour
if you wanna do a cheaper cruise tour~
From the harbour,
we walked to Harbour City shopping mall~
We only spent some time
looking at the Be@rbrick Style Up Exhibition...
instead of going into the shopping mall~
After seeing the exhibition,
we went back to the harbour pier...
and started the waiting for our cruise tour!

From a distance,
we saw this boat coming
and Arne was hoping that this was the boat we gonna take~
Unfortunately it wasn't....
By paying 200 Hong Kong dollar more,
you can upgrade the tour from ferry 
to a proper chinese cruise boat~
After a while,
our cruise tour guide came
and handed over us our 'tag'~
Our boat came
just in time to pick all of us up~
At 6.15pm,
our boat departed
and our sunset cruise just began!
To be continued....



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