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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

13-12-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 11

From the bus station at
Ngong Ping,
we took a local bus to Tai O~
The first thing we did there 
taking the boat excursion~
It felt really amazing
to see how the local people
live there...
The boat firstly toured us
around the stile house area...
then went out to the sea
to see
the pink dolphin~
The boatman showed me
the Tai O Old police station,
which had been renovated earlier and now
is a very nice Tai O Heritage Hotel~
Due to its historical value,
it costs a lot to stay one night there~
Too bad 
the wave was too strong that day...
the boatman couldn't drive the boat out to the sea~
and thus we didn't have chance
to see the famous pink dolphin...
After the boat excursion,
we walked around Tai O...
To some old temples
and the residential area there~

And one special thing
about this place is this transport...
After a lot of walking that day,
we chose this very local shop
for our lunch~
We ordered 
Stew fish with rice
Tai O shrimp paste fried rice
and only costed 88 Hong Kong dollar
SUPER BIG portion
enough for 4 people~
After spending almost 2 hours at Tai O,
we took the same bus
back to Ngong Ping~
Then switched to another bus
that took us back to the same subway station...
We should have dropped off
at one station where
we could spend sometime at the beach....
But we were so tired
and we didn't know how to even stop the bus driver
for dropping off...
the time we arrived at subway (MTR) station,
we were already tired like zombies...

To be continued...

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