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Saturday, December 10, 2016

10-12-2016 Bong & Hong Kong Trip Part 10

Actually it didn't take too much effort
and energy to reach the top~
Once we reached the top,
we walked around "The Offering of the Six Devas"
(Statues praising and making offerings to the Tian Tian Buddha)
There is another side of the building where
tourist can go in to visit,
but with an extra fees of course~
After the visit to Tian Tian Buddha,
we went to Wisdom Path which is located
only 15 minutes from Tian Tian Buddha~
It wasn't difficult
to find the way there~
Since there are signs guiding the tourist...
The trees in the forest
are tagged with special name tags,
and those are actually their tree model number~
In a short while,
we were already at the wisdom path...
Though it wasn't that far walking
from Tian Tian Buddha to Wisdom Path,
Arne couldn't help but needed break there
due to the rush from one place to another...
plus the very warm and humid weather in Hong Kong that day~
Besides Wisdom Path
there is this trail to Lantau Peak~
and just 5 minutes from that archway
you can reach the Wisdom Path viewpoint~
For the way back,
we decided to use another trail...
which is named "Tree trail with quiz fun"
From there
we also went to Po Lin Monastery~
After visiting Po Lin Monastery,
we went straight to catch the bus
to go to the next destination~
To be continued...


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