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Monday, March 13, 2017

13-03-2017 Bong & From Bogyoke Aung San Market to a roundabout with Pagoda

By following the guidance given by
the postcard seller to me,
we managed to find the sign 
to the post office without much effort.
We climbed up the stairs
to the top floor
and saw another sign indicating where the post office was.
One interesting thing is...
until today,
the postcards
 haven't even reached Norway yet
after 6 weeks we had sent it there.
After Bogyoke Aung San Market,
we started our walking tour,
passing by Holy Trinity Anglican Church
which is located right beside the market.
While we were on our way to our next destination,
we saw this Cafe KSS. 
So without much hesitation we just went in for our late lunch
because it seemed to be pretty hard to find proper dining place at Yangon city~
5 dishes with drinks.
(90 MYR/180 NOK)
Good food in a proper cafe with aircon and wifi...
We couldn't be more satisfied~
After that we walked to the Sule Pagoda
which is a very special Pagoda
that is located on a roundabout~
But I do not think it is worth
to pay to go in...
So we only walked around it. 
Beside this roundabout is the famous Mahabandoola Garden.
It is a public park
and the independent monument was installed there~
Between the park and Yangon Region Court,
there were a lot of food stalls...
To be continued...


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