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Friday, March 24, 2017

24-03-2017 Bong & Penang (From Chinese to Indian)

We met up with Norwegian + Malaysian friends
in Penang...
and they brought us to Lebuh Kimberly for dinner. 
Of course we couldn't miss this famous
But of course,
you can also get other nice Penang food there...
Pic stolen from our FB!
Thanks Peter!!!
After dinner,
we walked back to Lebuh Victoria for some 'night activities'.
We had some beers at a chinese restaurant there....
Then Arne, Lars and I
went to this The Canteen at Chinahouse
for 'more drinks'...
The drinks were definitely not cheap there...
but the atmosphere was nice with live music~
However we were more into chatting
so we went to the backyard
where it was more quiet
and we did not have to scream to each other~
The live music ended around 12 am. 
Since it wasn't so noisy anymore, 
plus it was raining a little bit...
we moved back to the bar. 
The next day morning,
I had a breakfast place that I wanted to try out...
So we walked from where we stayed,
to that place....
It took us about 15 minutes walking,
to this Keng Lan Huat Wantan Mee
at Lebuh Melayu.
The noodles were OK,
and the price was really cheap!
After that,
we walked to Perangin Mall for our shopping~
I was kinda surprised
with the food price at the food court there!
Only RM 3 for chicken rice! That we can try next time!
despite of the tempting delicious and cheap chicken rice,
we decided to have McD instead....
since we don't eat at McD in Norway!
After spending like 3-4 hours at Perangin Mall,
we walked back to East Indies Mansion~
Along the way,
we didn't forget to stop, see, and shop.
It was nice to see
so many interesting places in Georgetown.
This 14号生活馆 shop has
so many interesting things
that we just need to go there to have a look
every time we are in Penang~
Next to where we stayed,
is also right beside Little India~
To be continued....


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