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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

28-03-2017 Bong & Penang (From nice food to going back home)

For our second day dinner,
I read some reviews about this burger truck
and thought of giving it a try!
The burger is not so very cheap,
I must say.
A burger costing more than RM 10,
and you don't feel really that full in your stomach.
Along that street (Lorong Chulia),
there are also many nice food stalls...
It was long time ago for me
eating this muachi... 
and of course it was first time to both Arne and Lars.
We continued walking on this Lebuh Chulia,
and went into this YNot Bar. 
Lars finally found a pool table here!
Not sure why they got so many
evolution (进化)
on the wall....
We spent some time
playing pool and drink there,
then went back to the hotel...
For our supper,
we went across the street
and buy some naan
and biryani rice....
The next morning,
we just simply went into this 
very nearby morning coffee shop for breakfast...
-Hock Poh Lye Cafe-
But turned out everything was really good...
Nice coffee
and mouth-watering fried kway teow...
most importantly the prices were cheap too!
MYR 3.50 with 3 big shrimps...
Highly recommended!
After the breakfast,
we proceeded with hotel check out...
walked to the jetty,
took the ferry,
and said goodbye to this beautiful Penang island!
That's all about our Penang 2 days trip.

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