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Thursday, March 16, 2017

16-03-2017 Bong & Last day in Yangon

One thing that we found out
while we did our shopping in Yangon is...
a lot of the sellers actually gave us
recyclable shopping bags
instead of plastic.
It was really great to see the people there
have such a 'green' mind!
From Yangon region court,
we walked to our next sight seeing destination.
While passing by 37th Street,
we noticed something very unusual....
It is a street
like a night market street,
but most of them sell 'used books'!
While walking around Yangon city,
we also noticed a lot of
abandoned buildings...
tones of interesting things~ 
Our last sight seeing destination
was this St. Mary's Cathedral...
After visiting the cathedral,
we walked a bit more in the city
and wanted to find a place to sit, eat and rest...
but we couldn't find any suitable one.
We gave up, grabbed taxi...
only then found out that there were lots of restaurants
on that street we took the taxi....
We ordered a 7 dishes dinner
with drinks....
only costed 42500 Myanmar Kyat
(270 NOK/135 MYR)
The next day,
we had an early flight back to Kuala Lumpur from Yangon.
We had our take away breakfast...
taxi booked from hotel...
and lastly,
a stamp on the passport....
If you need visa to visit Myanmar,
it will be much easier just to apply e-Visa from its official website.
Check on its website whether your country is allowed to apply e-Visa.

That's all for our Yangon trip.

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