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Monday, April 24, 2017

24-04-2017 Bong & His First Lunch in Italy

Our first lunch at Italy,
was at this very local lunch cafeteria near to Vatican City named...
"Caffetteria Ruberto".
We chose a three dishes meal with drinks
and that costed us 10 Euro per person.
The waiter working there was very kind,
though he couldn't speak much English.
He even offered to help us take a picture....
Arne got his food first,
and this was mine~
After the simple yet nice lunch,
we just walked around
trying to find our way to go to Vatican City...
Suddenly we entered this area,
and saw these buildings.
Then we knew that we were already stepping on
Vatican City!
The nice thing about traveling in Italy is
you can just get drinking water
'nearly' wherever you go...
Just bring along with you bottle
and you don't have to buy drinking water~
Don't I look like a blind man...
standing right beside something that I can hold on to? 
Since we were there during Easter holiday,
we could see many places were already made ready for the Easter celebration.
Needless to say,
Vatican was also one of them!
We didn't spend so much time there
since we were not interested in churches and museums.
(Especially when the queue was so so long
and lots of people in those typical tourist places)
We walked out from Vatican City...
and came to the river side..
We were so amazed when we saw the river,
because we didn't know that there is a river in Rome!
We continued walking,
saw the funny lamp post
and then chose a random restaurant where we could sit and rest a bit~
The restaurant's name is Restorante Divinpeccato
and why did I purposely blog about this restaurant?
We only ordered a glass of red wine
and a can of soda..
But guess what?
They gave us some free snacks too!
the red wine and soda costed of course
slightly more expensive than other restaurant in Rome,
since it is so near to Vatican City~
We finished our drinks,
walked pass the main street of Vatican City
and then left this beautiful
world smallest state in the world!!
From there,
we tried to walk back to the metro station,
and accidentally we found this
local market place...
where they sell flowers,
to daily products~
To be continued...


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  1. Lovely photos! Brought back beautiful memories.


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