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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

04-04-2017 Bong & His First & Hopefully Not Last Business Class Experience

Though we only had less than 1 hour
transit at KLIA,
I insisted to go to the lounge to eat a bit since
I know that food at economy class is never enough for me!
The food served at Business Lounge at KLIA
was really not bad.
Quite a lot of variety,
from western food to asian food....
After filling up a corner of my stomach,
I went to the gate to meet up with Arne and Lars.
But guess what!
One of my dreams has finally came true!
We were upgraded to BUSINESS CLASS!
I didn't see Arne at the waiting area,
so I immediately RAN into the flight
wanting to share the joyness with him!
I was the first one on board,
so there was no one there!
The flight attendant came with the menu
and asked what I wanted to drink...
My mind was just full with the happiness of being upgraded
until I couldn't make up my mind.
I ended up drinking nothing
and started exploring what I got with this business class experience....
A small Giorgio Armani toiletries bag
with many nice things inside...
etc etc....
We ordered grilled prawns with chunky pomelo salad
and classic arabic mezze
as appetizers.
Followed with
grilled beef tenderloin with grain mustard sauce
honey glazed roast duck with pineapple fried rice for main courses.
And ice cream plus fruits
for desserts.
After eating dinner,
I did sleep for more than 4 hours throughout the whole flight...
and woke up with the desire to eat (more like food tasting) again!
We ordered roasted chicken fillet sandwich in grilled ciabatta bread
and assortment of hot savoury pastries!
And after around 7 hours flight,
our business class trip from Kuala Lumpur
to Doha ended nicely!!
Thanks Qatar airways!!!


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