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Friday, April 21, 2017

21-04-2017 Bong & His First Time in Italy

Our flight landed around 9pm in the evening
in Rome...
and our taxi driver was already waiting for us when we came out from the arrival.
The taxi drove us to Seven Hills and costed us 55 Euro.
The first thing we did when we arrived,
was checking in,
then immediately went into the restaurant there~
It wasn't so much english in the menu
so I just simply ordered something.
(This was actually an Easter special menu, 
so of course we didn't order it)
It was already around 11pm at that time,
so the whole restaurant only had us
and another table of customers.....
We had a piza...
and also tiramisu for dessert...
Plus a glass of red wine,
the simple and fast dinner costed us 17,50 Euro. 
After the dinner,
we rushed to our cabin
and just wanted to rest!
In the darkness,
we managed to find our room and had a very nice sleep....
And the next day morning,
I tried to walk around this camping site
to explore more....
This is the cabin we were given..
and this is the cabin area. 
When I were selecting for the accommodation,
the swimming pool was one of the reasons why I chose this place.
But turn out April is still consider as a 'cold' season
for the italians...
So the swimming pool was still close!
The cabin that I booked had no private toilet and shower.
So we had to walk to the shared toilet and hot shower
which are not so far away from the cabin.
But in the middle of the night, 
you might find this rather 'problematic'!
From the website it also says
free shuttle minibus to the nearest metro station.
Apparently that wasn't the case.
We needed to pay 1 Euro per person for the ride. 
The shuttle minibus took us to La Giustiniana Station,
and from there we took the metro to our first sight-seeing destination...
To go to Vatican city,
drop off at this Ottaviano station...
After coming out from the metro,
we managed to find our direction to the Vatican City.
And not to forget,
 we managed to find this big stall selling all kind of souvenirs to 1 Euro as well....

To be continued....

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