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Thursday, April 27, 2017

27-04-2017 Bong & His First 5 Dishes Starter

After a whole day walking around
Vatican City,
we went back to Seven Hills.
And along the way,
we were actually looking for a restaurant to have our dinner.
But since we were too early,
we found none!!
But we saw many nice villas
around the area we stayed....
Wish I could have one too!

So we ended up eating at the same restaurant
 we had our dinner the night before~
Don't you think
it was kinda funny breads being served in a paper bag....
Our starter,
Fantasie dello chef (Chef's fantacy)
which was a 5 dishes appetizers~
we were already full with starter~
But we already ordered main dish (to 1 person)...
So we just needed to continue to eat!!!
For main dish,
we ordered Patatine Forno (Potatoes)
Insalata Arcobaleno
(Salad with pizza)
and Girgliata mista di carne
(Mixed grill meats)
With a bottle of red wine,
a small glass of Jägermeister and a bottle of water.
all these only costed us 66.50 Euro!
(660 Kroner = 330 MYR)
So we must say 
we were very satisfied with this restaurant
'Corvo Allegro'
at Seven Hills~
We checked out early the next day.
and then took train to Rome city center.
As usual,
the train was delayed again...
(just 5
We first arrived at Termini Station
and then walked to our second accommodation in Rome.
Within 10 minutes,
we arrived at the hotel and we just dropped our stuffs there
since it was too early for checking in. 
From Termini,
we took another type of Metro
to Colloseo station.
See how artistic the italians are?
Nice graffiti on the metro!! 
The Colosseum was right in front of us
after coming out from the metro station. 
We were not only being amazed by the Colosseum,
(though we didn't enter it...)
but also the amount of people lining up, wanting to enter Colosseum!
Seeing the amount of people there,
we decided just to go other places for more sight-seeing...
To be continued...


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