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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

02-08-2017 Bong & His Third Summer in the North (Fra fjære to innland)

This year we were so lucky
with the weather...
Just like our other summer holiday in the previous years,
we drove to the graveyard at Mortenhals...
drove to places at Malangen
to visit Arne's friends and families~
Just look at the amount of snow on the mountain!
We were glad that we took our summer holiday late
this year because the summer was also coming late this year.
Since it was already late July,
we were expecting that there would be a lot of cloudberries!
But that wasn't the case!
We walked around the little hill...
and found very little cloudberries~
A selfie with the snowy mountain
and wildlife nature at Malangen!
Arne looked a bit disappointed
with the little amount of cloudberries we could find...

To be continued...

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