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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

02-11-2011 Mama & His Vietnam Trip

One last post before my next coming oversea trip for this year

VIETNAM - Ho Chi Minh

From Siem Reap, 
I took a bus to Phnom Penh and from there,
I took boat to Vietnam actually.
A total of 5 tourists were on that boat, 
including me
and I was the only asian~

At the border

 Of course,
the reason I did that was because
of wanting to see the beautiful Mekong Delta

Sun Rise at the Vietnam Border ( Chao Dong)
before taking a van to Ho Chi Minh City

At Ho Chi Minh

This is REAL Scary !
The people there would just open your door 
and sell things to you when you stop on a road.

Nice visiting places

 See what's inside?
LOOK carefully~

Great food

Happening night life

My 3 sims card that I used in all three different countries
And at last,
Bye bye to my 3 weeks South East Asia trip
 Can't wait for my next flight to a secret destination...
This will be my first time visiting that country
stay tuned!!


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