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Thursday, November 17, 2011

17-11-2011 Mama & Perth Chapter 2

-Day 3-

Woke up and put on my robe
Gosh there was no air condition on
 but It was super COLD!

Cooking at kitchen
Thanks for Peter for giving me the voucher for free!
Or else I would never spend Aussie $17 (MYR 50++)
to visit the bell tower
On my way to bell tower
at William St
 I love Graffiti
and you can find quite a number of them in Perth
Most of them look pretty nice
but simply amateur works that look like vandalism in Malaysia
Say Morning to the early Perth
Visited the Town Hall on my way to Bell Tower

The Bell Tower

The bell lady taught us how to chime the bells
they are pretty heavy!

She asked those western big white man to chime those heavy one
and me ended up chiming the light one
Luckily she gave me a chance to chime the heaviest one
and I did it brilliantly
"Do you do sports", she asked.
"Hell NO", I answered.
and all other visitors laughed!

On the top floor of Bell Tower

Bye bye Bell Tower
I got a certificate for chiming the bell
On my way back...
Passed by 

too bad they were just statues!
and I also visited King's Park

They were really adorable!

My Lunch
I have no idea what that is..
but this bread + chicken cost around MYR 30++
Quite delicious actually~

The only gay club in Perth
Didn't manage to pay a visit though~
And my dinner
which was 100% prepared by me 
for my host...

Tried to cook fried noddles
but noddles in Perth is really expensive
So I ended up cooking fried Spaghetti :)

That's all for Day 3
More chapters to come!


  1. I love your picture at the King's park!


  2. Great pics Bong, you have captured the colour and light really well. Hope you liked your Bell Tower experience. Regards, Peter

  3. Thanks Peter~ I tried my best to capture the best of Perth :)

    Thanks to Seth too! I love King's park a lot too!


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