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Saturday, November 26, 2011

26-11-2011 Mama & Last Chapter of Perth

-Day 7-
Another good morning to Perth
Oh My God,
that's the bird that welcomed me to Perth on the first day morning 
I didn't have chance to snap a picture of it
and finally on Day 7
I had the chance!
I called it the Gay Bird 
because of its queer rainbow color
My breakfast
first try on this lemon butter
Hm...not bad
Walking down Beaufort street 
and saw this beautiful lady doing meditation on the middle of the small field
Ah....sunny day
no wonder!
Where shall I go then?
Ah...I had to check my IETLS result first.
One hour internet Aussie $3.00 (MYR 10++)
So, next time shouldn't complain about 
how expensive Malaysia cyber cafes charge already
and their internet wasn't that fast too~
Hiak Hiak!
Transperth ticket (Very special day 11.11.11)
Walking to the beach

Swanborne beach

Remember what's so special about Swanborne beach?
If you can't recall from my chapter 3 picture,
please click here

that explains the pictures below

My lunch
See the price? a sandwich like that cost me about MYR 25!

but it did taste superb!

Sunny and warm! 

Around 3pm,
I left the beach
actually I bumped into Mark at the beach
(wanna know who he is? see the next day)
So, he gave me a free ride!
Yeayyy...FREE (LoL!)
He is really very gentleman, no doubt :)

In the evening,
I decided to go out and spend a bit time outside
since I never really seen the city at night yet
St. Mary's Cathedral

The Perth Mint

-Day 8-
Last breakfast 
before I took my flight the next day at 6.30am
and my host
Eugene decided to have a barbecue!
Eugene and Mark
Black Pudding - Hated most by Mark
 Small flowers that looked very nice at the yard
Then we decided to go to Beauford Street festival

and in the afternoon,
Eugene brought me to the beach
for the last time of this trip



At night,
we met up with Lisa (Eugene's friend)
and also her family
Aussie clubbing style? Lol 

Lisa's son Jack playing ping pong
Handsome little boy right? 

So after the dinner
I asked Eugene to send me to airport early. 
(so that I wouldn't have to wake him up in the middle of the night)
 That's all for the whole PERTH trip



  1. passed by again ;D Jack really very handsome eh~~~ and u guys had barbeque in the morning? wow~

  2. Wendy, Jack very handsome hor? lol~ production of ASIAN + CAUCASIAN...if u want ur son/daughter also look like that, then u know what to do la...


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