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Monday, December 31, 2012

31-12-2012 Bong & Year End Review Part 2

Here continues my year end review
just in less than 3 hours time
and it will be a brand new year :)

Ranking number
 My Tragic broke up
Well number 5th is my valentines video
and the broke up ranked higher than video

Because after all, 
I have learned so much about being in a relationship 
The previous one was years ago,
right after my high school graduation and SPM examination
Things didnt work well with her

The similarity between these two relationship is
okay...get over it! move on!!!!

Ranking number
 My not-so-alone backpack trip
In South East Asia

In year 2010,
I lied to my parents and
tried out my first ever lonely backpack in South East Asia
and just 2 weeks ago, 
I completed another one:)

Ranking number

My scary accident experience 
 Why is it scary? 
because I had this phobia of driving after the accident
and it really affected me a lot in my life
now I wish I could work at somewhere with good public transportation
and also,
easy bus/flight access back to my hometown...   

Last but not least,

resolution for year 2013:
Main one- 
-- only one oversea trip --
which is...
Korea in the coming end of April!

Stay tune to see more of my backpack trip 
in Laos and Thailand next week..



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