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Thursday, November 7, 2013

08-11-2013 Bong & His First Autumn Exhibition in Oslo

We were told that it was the biggest autumn exhibition in Oslo
Well, to me it wasn't that BIG
but it was definitely interesting~
For example,
this piece of cake~
Well it wasn't just a piece of cake.
It was placed on top of these marble pieces
which symbolized contrast between something and something
which I could not remember :)
Other art pieces
well...mind you
they were not easy to be understood~
That piece of art was made from trashes~
and handwritten non-understandable text?
This was not just a simple portrait~
Look carefully~
Tell me if you understand what's the abstract meaning behind this piece?
I think it was pretty cool too~
All those above were in this piece of art~
Old poster of Leonardo can be art too~
Since when boots can be art too? 
(They were made from clay)
Since when Math can be art too? :)
(This was on a wall)
And what kind of art can this piece be? 
Stay tuned~


  1. Thanks for taking me through your eyes the art exhibit! Quite interesting, especially the cake on marble, well I would have been ready to eat it. Nicely done!


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