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Monday, November 11, 2013

11-11-2013 Bong & His First Autumn Exhibition in Oslo Finale

Still remember this weird picture?
I realized it was moving all of the sudden..
So this is art too? :)
This has some hidden messages at least~
See anything weird?
Banana in a box?
and that's art?
Inside the box,
you could see these two small boxes
and also a TV
This looks kinda cute~
And this piece of art is not suitable for the kids~
There is a headphone attached to the TV..
and I bet this kid just felt that this is STRANGE~
because there was actually sound of moaning played together with that screen!!!
with ice cream and ice?
or with lobster and an apple?
with flowers and birds?
or inside the water?
Inside a bird house?
Or with a chicken on top of the head? 
this is really a powerful with such impact photo~
Notice anything strange?
This is where the autumn exhibition was held~
Enough art for now I must say~



  1. Beautiful pictures and exhibition. What does "Kunsternes Hus" mean on the building?

  2. They probably have to keep changing the banana when it starts spottting!!


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