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Thursday, August 14, 2014

14-08-2014 Bong & His Stange Trip Part 2 (From Lillehammer back to Stange)

Sitting in the car
and enjoying the beautiful sunny view,
I felt so privileged~
After about 1 hour drive,
we finally reached Lillehammer...
We knew what we were going to find..
So we went straight to this river
and started looking for this cafe/restaurant
which Roger had been to once~
and he HIGHLY recommended to go there again!
And yes,
when I reached there
I TOTALLY understand why 
he wanted to show me this place~
The surrounding was so so great
 the water going down along the stream
and the big SUN shined warmly above us
*PERFECT time and place to have something sweet~
(That's what I ordered; sorry I have forgotten its name)
But it was really good!!!
I also happened to forget
the name of the cafe~
But well, 
there is this moose with only its body 'stuck' outside of the cafe...
That's the only information I have about it~
We spent some time
walking around Lillehammer~
look at the sky!
The dark cloud was coming to us...
Time to leave!
So Roger took another road
E6 to drive back to Stange~
Nice big bridge~
Here we came!
And bye to Lillehammer~

To be continues....


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