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Monday, August 18, 2014

18-08-2014 Bong & His Stange Trip Part 3 (Final Post - From Stange back to Oslo)

After a nice trip to Lillehammer~
we were back at Stange...
(Quiet and nice)
There was midnight sun that night as well~
which was lucky for me, 
to be able to finally capture it~
The next day,
the sun was shining...
the wind was blowing...
what a good weather...
Those straight highway roads 
which seemed endless...
plus the blue sky with no boarder..
made the whole view looked...
so free
and big
and breathtaking~
The last night in Stange...
and there was still sorta bright sky
with moon...
(^.^) HAPPY (^.^)
After 5 days in Stange,
it was time to go back to Oslo...
Thanks Roger for hosting me!!!
I took morning train from Stange,
which was around 6..
It was already very bright around that time..
but the 'coldness' made the views from the train ride looked like
"Alice in the wonderland"~
And if you wonder 
why is there no picture of me again in this post,
look at this picture below~


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