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Monday, August 4, 2014

04-08-2014 Bong & His Gothenburg Trip Part 5 (Haga, Skansen Kronan & the city)

It was our last day in Gothenburg..
so we decided just to walk around the city~
First we popped into this little church~
Nothing special about this little church actually~
but these few scary dolls....
Luckily they were kept inside the glass~
Giant thermometer~
but the reading cannot be seen that clearly actually
due to low contrast and brightness in day time
So it should be much better at night I believed~
About 15 degrees that day..
Not too bad then!
What a nice view from the top~
Absolutely breathtaking...
and made me feeling so relaxed~
There were people who climbed all the way
just to read book and 
relax here as well~
Then back to downhill
Sunny day at Haga...
a lot of people this time around 
because the weather was so so great~
it was a machine doll by the way..
Cute right?
Right behind Haga,
we saw this castle building 
which we could go and have a look...
we reached the top!
and this place is called
Skansen Kronan~
It has this little crown on 
top of the building~
It also has this little stair case which you can
climb up yourself
to get better view of the city~
But mind you,
it is tiny, 
and steep
so it was a bit scary yea~
Stay tuned for the very last post
of my Gothenburg trip~


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