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Saturday, August 30, 2014

30-08-2014 Bong & His Stockholm Trip Part 34 (Hallwylska Museet & "Hats Off")

Next destination was this
Hallwylska Museet.
It is located by the big street
just along the tram line,
so I found it quite easily~
The whole museum was kind of
and dark~
From hall to hall,
they were not actually that big~
But you could see 
or even 'smell' that the things there are really old
And inside the cabinets 
were a lot of stuffs...
from dining sets
to porcelain dolls~
Real creepy,
don't you agree?
Even the dining places 
were not so big~
But nice chandelier anyway~
Well even though the museum itself
wasn't that big
but it was still nice~
On the top floor
was this hat exhibition named
I wasn't sure about their origins
or styles..
but they looked kinda like British inspired hats to me~
These hats below ..
looked more like Moroccan inspired hats then~
Swedish kind hat huh?
So so cute~
or hat?
Would you dare to wear it?
Real couture piece, lol~
Its backyard~

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