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Friday, August 1, 2014

01-08-2014 Bong & His Gothenburg Trip Part 4 (Liseberg)

While we were riding on the top...
there were some pretty nice views to look at~
 Next we went into this mirror shop~
When there is mirror,
means there comes selfie time~
Besides mirror,
there was this maze too where you could play in~
Liseberg's Ferris Wheel
thought it was rainy a bit
the view was still spectacular~
I have tried this too
but it wasn't so scary actually~
The following pictures were taken with wrong settings
That's why they are a bit blurry~
but they do look kinda like some special effects
like fast forward memory or something like that~
Not to forget,
we went for a fairy tale boat ride~ 
Bunny land...
which was right beside a river~
There were also these big betting stalls
where you could bet on drawn numbers
and win BIG chocolates, chips, soft toys, etc
That's all about Liseberg~



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