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Monday, August 11, 2014

11-08-2014 Bong & His Stange Trip Part 1 (From Stange to Hamar, Hamar to Lillehammer)

Taking NSB train R10,
I was on my way to visit a friend, Roger
who stays in Stange~
The view along the train ride 
was spectacular~
And from Stange,
my friend Roger brought me to Hamar...
which is about 15km from Stange~
Went to visit this
Domkirkeodden Hedmarksmuseet
I am not the kind of person
who is interested in history
So, I just spent more time 
taking picture of the nice architecture
and nature~
Sunny day with blue bright sky
white cloud
and gorgeous sea/river view~
(Not sure which one is it)
My mood was GREAT~
Another side was just a breathtaking view of
green and golden corn fields~
I love your natural beauty~
Roger and his back~
What do you say about its landscape?
Reminded me of Sail away~
One of my favorite songs!
The next day,
Roger brought me to Lillehammer~
How beautiful this country is?
See this video~

To be continued..

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