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Sunday, September 28, 2014

28-09-2014 Bong & His Stockholm Trip Part 36 (Bonnierskonsthall & Sven-Harrys Art Museum)

Coming from S:t: Eriksplan bus station/train station,
just look for this tall building
"Bonnier Huset"..

Then you would find your way to this...
very "MODERN" art gallery~
While I was passing by this gallery 
from the outside..
I was already stunned by the art that I was going to see~
there was this big exhibition room
which was 'decorated' with some "shits"~
then turned into another corner,
there were shits at the corridor as well..
Oh my SHIT~
tell me what you know about Modern art...
from these pictures below...
Just blank and black?
or tree branches laying towards the wall?
Or these...
I don't even know what they are kind of things~
enough of weird modern art,
I decided to go to another art gallery nearby
which was 
"Sven-Harrys Art Museum"
I was told that I was lucky..
they opened the roof top for visitors in that evening~
Well, I did feel lucky 
because the whole glass building on top looked so beautiful~
shining bright in the dark~
and with mirror
or other sort of reflecting material roof...
the whole place looked so sophisticated~
they also had these art pieces 
with the theme of human with flora..
and other things~
I think~
I love the reflection of me..
in this picture~
By the way,
this was my favorite by the way~
Quite meaningful..
don't you think so?
What a couture piece~
Made all from...

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