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Saturday, February 20, 2016

20-02-2016 Bong & Hat Yai (From Sungai Petani to Hat Yai & Central Festival)

our journey from Sungai Petani started kinda rough...
with KTM having 3 hours delayed :(
But the train trip was just fine...
except that the train itself had some technical problems~
We reached the border
Padang Besar in 2 hours time~
Went through immigration control~
for both Malaysia & Thailand
Then another unlucky incident happened...
as the train from Thailand also came delayed to Malaysia.
So we had to wait for another 2 hours.
BUT... since we were 6 people in total,
and we didn't want to wait~
we decided to take a private car instead.
Which costed us RM 150.
If you take a shared van of 12 people,
one person should only cost RM 5.
This Thai taxi driver originally also offered us RM 5 per person for the trip,
but once he reached another side of the border,
he wanted to stop us there as he said that was what he offered...
"RM 5 from Malaysia to Thailand" (Border to border)
To avoid this kind of problem,
next time make the deal clear with destination name  + price with the driver 
the good thing was this Thai driver
drove VERY fast!
So after around 1 hour,
we already arrived at Hat Yai!
We took small break at the hotel
then we went right to one tuk-tuk..
and asked him to drive us to....
Central Festival!
One of the big and new shopping centers 
in Hat Yai~
We had our lunch there.
There are quite a lot of restaurants in that shopping center...
but not that many thai food restaurants,
mostly korean and japanese~

We ate at this Black Canton Coffee....
850 baht for 6 people~
3 plates of fried rice,
1 pad thai,
1 sweet & sour chicken with rice,
and 1 steak
this shopping center is big...
but not that much shopping if you are aiming for 
THAI CHEAP stuffs~
we stayed there for only a couple of hours...

To be continued...

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