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Friday, February 26, 2016

26-02-2016 Bong & Hat Yai Park Part 1

There are in total 3 stations at
Hat Yai Park~
The tuk-tuk driver drove us all the way 
up to the first station...
which is the highest temple
at Hai Yai park
where the cable cars
go up to~
Cable car costs 
200 baht per person~
and we paid 700 baht for one tuk tuk
driving us to all three stations at Hat Yai Park~
You can hire thai dancers
to perform thai dance to
pray or worship the buddha~
you can buy some 'caught' birds
to release them 
for praying purpose~
From here,
it is really nice to see the view of Hat Yai city as well~
After the first station,
we drove down to the second station...
where people take cable cars
to go up to the highest point at Hai Yai Park~
Some people choose to
walk up from the lowest station,
the Guan Yin Temple~
At this second station,
there is this big standing Buddha statue...

To be continued....

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