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Monday, May 1, 2017

01-05-2017 Bong & His First Red Wine in a Jug

Our plan was to walk from Colosseum
back to our hotel....
On the way,
we passed by Arch of Constantine,
Palatino... etc etc.
But looking at the long queue,
we decided not to follow the crowd...
and just move on~
We walked pass this place Circus Maximus,
that looks like a strange dessert with some grasses
in the middle of the city of Rome.
But according to Google,
it is actually 
a stone arena for vast Roman assemblies....
We walked,
and walked,
and suddenly we were already arrived at
River Tiber ...
After crossing one bridge (Ponte Fabricio),
we thought we were already at another side of the mainland...
But no...
it is actually an island
in the middle of the river!
So we crossed another bridge (Ponte Cestio),
and ended up
this very nice old town area....
We decided to have our lunch here
since the surrounding was so 'italian'~
We saw this very cozy small restaurant,
so...this was the one! 
Ristoranti a Trastevere - Cucina Romana
We ordered their house wine
and it was the first time we got served red wine
in a little jug...
We ordered seafood risotto
and lasagna...
With half liter of red wine,
and bread,
it costed us 19.50 Euro (Around 195 NOK/ 100 MYR)
When we were finish with our dining,
it was already a lot of people there~
So without a doubt,
we have chosen a right local restaurant then!
In order to walk back to our hotel,
we had to be at another side of the mainland...
So we walked across another bridge
(Ponte Garibaldi).
We walked pass Largo di Torre Argentina
(Achaeologicial site close to where Julius Caesar was killed,
also home to a colony of cats, according to Google)
From Largo di Torre Argentina,
we walked to Pantheon...
(Iconic temple built circa 118 to 125 A.D. 
with a dome & Renaissance tombs, including Raphael's, according Google)
To be continued....

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