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Thursday, May 11, 2017

11-05-2017 Bong & His First Not Leaning Tower of Pisa

By following the sign and the crowd,
we managed to find one of the entries
to Leaning Tower of Pisa!!
While we started taking photo of it,
both of us realized that we were trying to get the tower
in vertically parallel in our pictures...
(I guess that is pretty normal)
But then... shouldn't the tower looking like it is leaning?
It was of course.
lots of tourists there...
So we decided not to go up to the tower,
and instead just walked around there~

After spending like 30 minutes there,
we were already finish walking around Piazza del Duomo...
We exited at another side of the plaza,
and ended up at a market which sells typical tourist stuffs~
We bought a fridge magnet there,
then just proceeded walking back to our guest house.
On our way back,
we stopped by at this local cafe for a late lunch~
We ordered pasta with ham,
chicken salad,
bread and beer,
and that costed us 27.50 Euro. 
Not the cheapest meal we have had in Italy,
but since it was Easter,
we were already very glad to find a place we could get some food~
We also bought a bottle of red wine from Matilde Cafe,
and after that we realized that,
we could buy it much more cheaper at grocery stores~
The guest house we stayed at is not in city center,
but close to city center
and kinda at the country side...
So when I saw this nice retro feel kind of wall,
I immediately asked Arne to help me to take a photo!
And since we had very late lunch,
we just bought some food back to the guest house for light dinner/supper~
To be continued...


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