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Monday, May 8, 2017

08-05-2017 Bong & His First Kiss and Ride in Italy

In our third morning in Rome,
we had a train to catch from Termini station. 
We woke up early,
checked out early from the hotel,
and had some time to spare at Termini station.
Wherever we were in Rome,
we saw a lot of security/army 
walking around with long guns...
Kinda worrying and scary actually~
Our trenitalia train to Pisa
from Rome departed just on time~
I bought 2x1 (like buy one free one) kind of ticket.
So it only costed us 38 Euro for the two tickets~
Along the way,
it was a lot to see...
from rural area, 
to the beautiful 
Italian coast line~
And in just 3 hours,
we arrived safely in Pisa!!
The bus system in Pisa
was very confusing...
But with some help.
we managed to buy ticket from the station,
and got onto the right bus.
There is no 1 day or 3 days pass like in Rome,
But if you buy like a zone 1 ticket (1.20 Euro),
that ticket is valid for 70 minutes 
for unlimited amount of bus ride. 
With the help of bus driver
and a lady passenger,
we managed to drop off somewhere outside from the city center...
and that was actually where
we were supposed to stay~
We arrived at the guest house
Le Ciel d'Orphèe.
and the staff/owner told us that
they gave us the biggest room (which is for 4)
though we only booked a double room. 
So we got like a bed room,
plus another private kitchen with another 2 beds....
The bathroom is in between the bed room
and kitchen...
And we also got a nice
Italian courtyard view from our room~
Due to the policy there,
since the guest house is not a hotel so they can't serve breakfast.
they have a shared kitchen for the guests to use,
and also next to the reception,
there are snacks, coffee, tea
for free for the guests~
They also have a very nice
and cozy backyard ~
After checking in at the guest house,
we went out for a very important
iconic building in Pisa...
and it is located only 1.7 KM
from our guest house~
We did spend some time
trying to find our way there~
I must say that
the sign board didn't help us so very much though...

To be continued...

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