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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

31-05-2017 Bong & His First Trip to Lucca

The bus to Marina di Pisa never came...
So we decided not to wait and just head back to our guesthouse~
Besides capturing the nice street scenes,
we did not forget to take some selfies too!
Hei Arne...
Ser her! (Look here!)
We stopped by
at this Caffe Miami
to have a break...
After a glass of beer,
we continued walking.
passed by Bagni di Nerone,
(The Baths of Nero)
an archaeological site in Pisa...
Then 'home' again to enjoy a simple dinner
made from some 'ingredients' bought from Carrefour 
and not to forget,
a bottle of red wine!
The next day,
we walked to the bus stop,
Pisa P.Za Manin
and took the bus to another small city named
The ticket would be cheaper
if you buy in at machine,
or a shop...
Along the way,
the breathtaking suburb italian scenery 
was just blowing our mind away...
the great driving skill of 
the bus driver that drove perfectly
across the tiny narrow alley was also very impressive!!
The VAI bus took around 30 minutes,
from Pisa to Lucca.
It is better to get the time schedule of the bus departure
when you arrive at Lucca
so that you can plan ahead.
After getting the time schedule
from the Vai Bus ticket counter,
we started exploring Lucca...
To be continued...


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