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Friday, May 5, 2017

05-05-2017 Bong & His First Ice Cream in Italy

From Pantheon,
we walked pass the beautiful
Santa Maria Maddalena...
and all the way straight....
we reached a famous ice cream shop 
named 'GROM'. 
It was of course very nice
to eat some ice cream
after walking a while...
After eating the ice cream,
we continued walking....
passing Obelisco di Montecitorio (Obelisk of Montecitorio)...
Roman military monument
Colonna di Marco Aurelio (Column of Marcus Aurelius)...
Even went into a shopping mall
just to check out the clothes and shoes...
Italian fashion is EXPENSIVE!
After coming out from the shopping mall,
we just followed the crowd...
and my instinct told me
we would reach the famous Trevi fountain
by just following the people....
and we did!!!
The fountain was so big
and it was just crowded by tones of people.
So we simply took some snaps
then left....
From the fountain,
we walked to this beautiful crossing named
Crossing of Quattro Fontane...
Passed by more beautiful buildings and fountains like
Chiesa di Santa Susanna alle Terme di Diocleziano 
(The Church of Saint Susanna) & 
Fontana dell'Acqua Felice (Fountain of Moses) 
Fountain of the Naiads at 
Piazza della repubblica.
Finally after spending 6 hours
walking around in Rome,
we went back to the hotel,
'Hotel Virginia'. 
The hotel is located in the old town kind of area,
and the building was having renovation
while we were there...
So we were at first very skeptic about it,
but luckily the room was rather ok.
OK bathroom,
Big bed...
Nice view from our room....
and close to the Termini station.
So we were quite satisfied with it. 
In the evening,
we went to another side of the city
to explore a bit more
and of course,
to fill up our stomach as well~
We chose this Caffè piave,
since it looked rather cozy
and it is right beside the main street...
Nice to sit there,
have our dinner,
and look at the people~
We realized that
almost every time when we asked for breads,
the restaurant served this 'biscuit stick' with the breads...
We ordered grilled chicken,
their piave salad,
and of course a bottle of red wine to share...
And it only costed us 44 Euro!!
I guess people have problem understanding
the word 'into'
We also paid a quick visit to COOP
right before they were about to close...
and then we walked back to our hotel
to rest...
The next day we were going to travel to another city.
So it was important for us to get enough rest....

To be continued...

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