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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

16-05-2017 Bong & His First Stena Line

13th May is Arne's birthday,
and this year I decided to give him
a 24 hours cruise trip with Stena Line
as his birthday present~
I decided to go for the Captain's class cabin...
because I think 
he deserved more than just the cheapest cabin
with no window ...
The Captain's class cabin
has TV,
nice view from the window,
a more comfy double bed,
two proper sofa chairs...
and not to forget,
breakfast buffet the next morning
and access to the spa as well!
After putting our stuffs at the cabin,
we went to the lounge
to grab some welcoming drinks~
The drinks will no longer be served after 8 pm,
but the fruits, snacks,
coffee and tea are there all the time~
I also made a reservation
for dinner buffet for us.
The beer and wines are bottomless...
but I didn't even have time
or space in the stomach for the drinks
because there were lots of good food!
From seafood
to cold dishes...
warm dishes
and desserts...
We went back to our cabin
and rested 4 hours
watching Eurovision Song Contest...
It was nice to not miss the show,
while we were on the cruise boat!
Our cabin was right under the bar,
so we could feel the loud music even after 1 am.
We went up to the bar and disco,
just to check them out...
The next day morning,
we arrived at Frederikshavn...
and since we only had like an hour there,
all we did was just walked to the SPAR shop...
grabbed some red wines
and back again!!
We were back to the boat
before it departed...
So we had our breakfast
looking at the view,
while the cruise boat departed from the port. 
And after the breakfast
and some rest in the cabin,
we went to the Pure Nordic Spa,
which is located on the top floor of the boat.
From sauna,
to Jacuzzi,
we tried them all! 
That's all for our 24 hours cruise with
Stena Line from Oslo to Frederikshavn...


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