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Sunday, September 7, 2014

07-09-2014 Bong & His way to the North Part 2 (From Malangen's fjæra back to road)

A big land with nature
and very little of residents~
big blue sky...
and the green mother nature~
Just a perfect place for summer vacation!
The water was so so cheap
until you could see the clear reflection~
Just the same as what I experienced in Laos..
There you go,
one picture of me...
for those that always complain there is no picture of me
in my blog posts~
Even the alga looked "shining-ly" beautiful
with the clear water
and shines from the warm sun~
Oh crab~
it was a real crab~
and shrimp..
Small huts along the sea lines...
for keeping the boats~
Arne used to have one, 
but he has sold that out~
Then ..
we were done with walking along
Time to go back to the "road" again~
by crossing field with grass
and flowers~
To be continued...


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