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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

10-09-2014 Bong & His way to the North Part 3 (From Malangen's cabin to sunset)

On our way walking back to Geir's place,
we passed by the cabins of Arne's sister~
Three cabin houses in total..
and with the big garden...
I think the whole place was pretty big~
Rips berries~
We were told by his sister to pick all we wanted..
there were like ...
a big farm of them here~
Where to start then?
Well, we didn't even have boxes to collect them yet...
So we decided to wait for another day~
Around 8 in the evening...
as suggested by Anniken,
we went to this place called 
to see the sunset~
We parked the car at the side of the road
then started walking through the woods~
Walking just a bit
not too far away from where we started,
we then reached the beach~
The landscape was really crazily beautiful~
with totally no one there at that time,
I believe I was already in another side of the world!
I had this feeling to take a selfie of myself~
Arne and I started looking for branches
to make 
something that he always make while going to the seaside in the north~
Before we left,
he showed me something historical from
the world war~
Then he chose a path that was so much more difficult to way in
as compared with the way how we came in before~
Luckily he told me there is no snake in the woods here
Then I felt so much more secured just to play my feet onto them!
Ha det~
Stay tuned for more about Nordland Norge...
(North of Norway)


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