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Saturday, September 13, 2014

13-09-2014 Bong & His way to the North Part 4 (From sunny to grayish~)

After having bright and sunny the day before,
we were hoping for another sunny day the following day...
But too bad...
It was actually gray and foggy~
Driving through the tunnel and then this bridge,
we came to the city Tromsø again~
Arne went into this "tunnel" kind of place
and told me he was gonna park the car here....
it was a weird concept to me,
because I never seen such under tunnel kind of car park..
Well it was like a big car park,
not under a shopping mall,
or under an office building,
 BUT under a CITY central~
Cool isn't it?
As mentioned before,
the weather wasn't as sunny as the day before...
But well,
grayish and foggy sky was not too bad after all...
The white grayish part was actually not sky, 
but it was the fog that was covering the peak of the hill~
There was this another bridge that linked to 
another side of the mainland~
which we would be going later as well!
The houses looked so so beautiful.
mostly populated along the coast line~
We were also lucky enough
to see this small little church
since it was opened for visiting that day~
it was a pretty old church
and this was my very first time
entering a church with
 someone (Arne) to explain "stuffs" to me~
For example,
this board which was used to jot down which songs to sing~
Love this chandelier~
and this photo too! 
Main street of the city central of
Library of Tromsø
Its very special shape roof~ 
like a UFO
it was time to go to another side of Tromsø
using another bridge~
To be continued...


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