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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

02-09-2014 Bong & His way to the North Part 1 (From Tromsø to Malangen)

Last week,
I went to visit another city 
or more like another part of Norway..
From the south..
I were flying to the north for very first time~
First time flying domestically in Norway...
First time flying with wifi..
A lot of first time were awaiting for me~
Along the way flying from south to north,
since it was an evening flight,
the view was breathtaking with the half bright sky
and half dark land~
From city lights to more islands 
and sea...
all I could say is they looked unreal to me!
The next morning,
Arne showed me the surrounding nearby 
and I was already 'stoked' 
with the nature and beauty there~
Countryside with good weather~
Kinda reminded me of Stange as well..
but they are certainly different
and beautiful in different ways~
At least in Stange,
you could see like 1 car passing by in 2 minutes..
but in Malangen,
it was more like in average
1 car in 30 minutes~
and with the hilly background,
quiet endless roads...
I felt like I was alone at that place
with no disturbance
away from the hustle and bustle of the city~
Posing for the shadows~
-Me and Arne-
After did our little shopping,
in a very small local town shop,
we were heading to Anniken's place..
A sweet wonderful lady who I have heard of many times..
but never met,
so I was excited to meet her in person~
Though I was super excited to meet her,
but I was more 'stoked' with the nice views from her house..
Come on!
how nice it would be just to wake up everyday 
and see this view 
while having a cup of coffee in the morning..
But of course, 
I think we were super lucky with the weather too~
And in the afternoon,
I made another new friend
who gave me a short ride of his four-wheel motor tractor~
We stayed at Geir's place when we were at Malangen.
His place was typical comfy farm house 
which I really enjoyed a lot with~
After lunch,
we went for a walk..
to see 'fjaera'
(Norwegian word which means the shoreline in English)
were they cotton 
or cloud?
Big bone? 
Were we in stone age or what?

To be continued...



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