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Friday, September 19, 2014

19-09-2014 Bong & His way to the North Finale (From North back to South~)

After spending few days in Malangen,
time to travel back to Tromso
and get ready for the flight tomorrow going back to Oslo~
Geir sent us until the end of this tunnel
and we walked from there for Knut to pick us up~
For cyclists that wanna use this tunnel,
it is advised to wear this safety jacket~
(especially at night!)
There you go...
we were heading to Tromso..
Very nice view from Knut's place
and of course,
thanks to the lucky weather too~
Time to say goodbye to the North
and fly....
in the sky~
it was very nice view
above the land and 
the sea~
Even above the snowy mountain~
That's why people would misunderstand that
the movie 'Frozen' was a story from Norway!
Snowy mountains...
"Let it go...
let it go~"
Sunset at the horizon 
of the earth~
in between sky and clouds!
Another stunning view..
Moon in bright sky~
Very often you can see that in Norway actually...
That's all about my North trip~


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