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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

16-09-2014 Bong & His way to the North Part 5 (From sunny to Aurora~)

Right across the bridge was
this special shaped church~
The view under the bridge was also
But not too many people know about it...
While on our way to Storsteinnes,
we had a small break
and enjoyed another nice view of the North~
Just simply beautiful!
The next day,
we had very nice weather in Malangen~
(not to complain or brag about our good luck)
Therefore we decided to spend some time
picking up rips bær
But it was actually pretty boring
picking up such small berries..
There you go~
"Nordheimveien" which means
So following this road you would reach your home in North..people!
Ice on top of the mountain?
Sorry that this picture has to be a bit blur..
because I zoomed all I could just to capture this farm house
on a hill very far from where I stood~
This is the 'less' zoomed version 
and of course less blur as well~
And that night,
something very lucky happened to us..
because Arne managed to 'catch' this Auroro
while he was going outside to take a cigarette ~

the next day...
(again) with sun in Malagen~
The grass looked so fluffy and 
made me feel like sleeping on it~
One picture of me
in this post...
The fog met the sky~
from gray to blue...
that's really really beautiful~
and kinda 'mystery-like' at the same time~
To be continued..


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