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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

04-03-2015 Bong & His Trip to Penang Part 1 (Lim Jetty & Chew Jetty)

To go to Penang island, 
we took the ferry,
which is very convenient for tourists on foot like us~
Though it is not the super clean type of sea,
the view during the ferry trip 
was still very fascinating~
the ferry ride took about 10 minutes 
and after we landed on Penang island...
right away we started walking around clan jetty ~
The first one that we went to was Lim Jetty~
It is not the most famous one~
But still it was nice to see the jetty was decorated nicely
with chinese new year decorations
such as lantern~
Here came the most famous one~
CHEW Jetty~
at this point you might wonder...
what so special with these jetties?
They are actually the traditional settlement created by chinese immigrants 
back in the late 19th century~
These immigrants shared common historical, geographical and lineage origin.
Thus, they were named after the surnames,
such as 'LIM' and 'CHEW'.
These wooden houses and plankways
are seen as precious heritage of George Town~
and now Chew Jetty has been turned into a famous tourist location!
The whole jetty is not so very big...
but there are many nice shops selling
nice food and unique souvenirs along the jetty~
After visiting Chew Jetty,
we continued our trip 
with the search for some famous walls in Penang island~

now you might wonder....
why were we searching for walls?
Are there anything special with those walls?

Stay tuned to know the answer~


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